Interests and affiliations: As a journalist, I advocate greater transparency in public affairs. I’m inspired by the example of George Monbiot who discloses his own financial interests, and so will begin to disclose my own here. Some of it, of course, can be deduced from my CV. This log begins in 2012. An ongoing key affiliation (unpaid of course) is as a long-practising member of the international lay Buddhist organisation, SGI.


Editing work for the Foundation for Human Rights, Helen Moffett/Breadline Africa, articles for Business Day. Founding member of the Go Fossil Free South Africa campaign.


Editing work for WWF, Helen Moffett/Breadline Africa, Cognician, articles for Business Day and the M&G.


Editing work for WWF, Rothko (PR agency), Justebikes (UK), the Internet Society (Switzerland), Project 90 by 2030, and Rob Zipplies (corporate sustainability consultant), and paid articles for Business Day, the Sunday Times and Informanté. Some paid work as a provisional coordinator for My Vote Counts.


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