SAFCEI, COP 17 and climate change

SAFCEI and partners, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, at the Rally for Climate Justice at COP 17 in DurbanI am, until the end of February, working part-time as a communications officer for the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, which works to raise awareness of environmental issues amongst the various faith communities. (My connection with SAFCEI evolved out of my long-time Buddhist practice and my media work.)

SAFCEI, along with various partners across the subcontinent, has been working hard to raise awareness of the UN climate change conference beginning next week in Durban, COP 17. Our biggest event will be a huge mass rally of the faith communities (and others), on Sunday 27 November in Durban’s Kings Park Stadium, aiming to remind the COP of the ethics of dealing with climate change. This last Sunday, I was interviewed for half an hour on CapeTalk/702 by Kate Turkington about the rally, the COP and climate change.

For the last year, I’ve also been running a blog that’s a major clearing house for information relating to general civil society activities at COP 17, now pulling close to 1,000 hits a day.

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I am a writer, journalist and campaigner for ethical investment living in Cape Town, South Africa, working to inspire people with the potential for a restorative economy and society that rebuilds our battered relationships with each other, and with the natural world, Mother Earth, on which we are completely dependent whether or not we realise it.

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